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It is known as the Pearl of the Pacific, the beauty of its beaches and its rich marine life.

You can enjoy the beautiful sunsets of Mexico, Mazatlan also has very many attractions that make this destination unique in Mexico, which has a boardwalk, which is considered one of the longest in the world.

Turn has the highest natural lighthouse in the world, has the second largest fishing fleet in Mexico.

Today, more than twenty miles of beaches are the main attraction, and the city contains many restaurants, bars and shops. The city is also home to a brewery, a coffee factory.

Among the activities to highlight the port are the following:

Water sports are a big draw among the most important activities are: The jet ski ride, the parachute, the boat ride, snorkeling, kayaking, boat rides, scuba tank, among other.

Views Mazatlan Aquarium is the most important segudo Mexico, where a variety of aquatic and terrestrial animals such as sharks, sea lions, turtles, crocodiles, sea snakes, manta rays, octopus, birds, jaguars, ocelots and more.

Fishing, Bay Walks, Walks in the city center where you will find a variety of crafts, squares as the "Republic" or "Machado" with a wide variety of restaurants. Pino Suarez Market colonial jewel of the port, and various constructions of nominees of the Historical Center of Mazatlan, the Arquitectonica realsan of season.

Important events also take place in our beautiful port as are:

The Famous Carnival Mazatlan is located on the famous Forbes magazine as the 3 best in the world, is a major attraction as it is a celebration of traditions, colors, fashion and entertainment.

International marathons, fishing tournaments, triathlons, International Motorcycle Week, acafest and more.

Clima Mazatlan
Mexican city makes a comeback

Tourists are returning to the Mexican city of Mazatlan after authorities beef up security, as CNN's Nick Parker reports.